About D.Bunty

D.Bunty aka Niko Green is a dynamic and a touche-à-tout artist, over the past ten years he has been working on different music projects of various styles such as rock, metal, funk, soul, blues... among them three albums came out: « L&A », an electronic and acoustic autoproduction in which featured David LeDeunff (Hocus Pocus - facebook.com/HocusPocusOfficiel). « Tabula Rasa » a progressive-rock autoproduction composed by Eric Lorcey for the band The Daedalus Spirit Orchestra (www.myspace.com/dsorchestra) in which he is the singer and writer; the band also covered a song for the compilation « Keep off the grass » of the UK label FruitsdemerRecords (www.fruitsdemerrecords.com). And the downtempo project « E/C » composed with anzyM (www.dbuntymusic.com/projects/dbunty_anzym).